Lyric Bartholomay

Mosquito Surveillance in Iowa

During the summer months, the Iowa State University Medical Entomology Laboratory, in a cooperative project with the Iowa Department of Public Health and the University Hygienic Lab (Iowa City, IA), monitors mosquito populations and mosquito-borne disease in the State of Iowa. Mosquito surveillance efforts took place in the state from the late 1960's-2005 under the supervision of Professor Emeritus, Wayne Rowley, and now are supervised by Dr. Lyric Bartholomay. The resulting information on mosquito population dynamics (including numbers and types of mosquitoes trapped weekly in New Jersey Light Traps from the mid-1970's-2007) now is available through this site.


New Jersey light trap records for the state of Iowa are shown for the current and previous year. Data are shown as a weekly average that accounts for the number of traps running.
Records are shown according to the week of the year with week 1 being the first week in January. Roughly, the latter half of May = weeks 20-22, June = 23-26, July = 27-30, August = 31-35, September = 36-39, and the beginning of October =40.


This site was assembled and constructed by members of the Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Laboratory (BCBLab) at ISU. The Medical Entomology Laboratory gratefully acknowledges the many students who have been involved in collecting, processing, and recording information from this project over the years, as well as members of the GEOTree Center at the University of Northern Iowa for contributions to data processing.


Much of the information contained herein is the subject of numerous publications on mosquitoes in Iowa authored by Dr. Rowley and colleagues.